Business English Homestay Tutors

Business English lessons with an experienced tutor will develop your core skills in fluency reading writing and listening.In business it is important to have a good basis of General English to be able to communicate successfully.Our Business Homestay Tutors will focus on particular vocabulary,topics and skills that are applicable to the workplace and enable you to communicate accurately. For example:

  • making phone/conference calls

  • doing presentations

  • taking part in meetings

  • being involved in negotiations

  • writing email/reports.

You will also be able to concentrate on topics relevant to your job.


Chris – Business Homestay Tuition in Sussex

chris     Business Homestay tutor in East Sussex

Location: Hove 

Accommodation: single room ,shared bathroom


Family at home : None

Interests:  travel, languages, good food and wine and learning about different cultures

General English ,business English,Politics and Government studies.


Vivien – Homestay Business Tuition in Sussex

viv      Business Homestay Tutor in West Sussex

Location :Shoreham

Accommodation:Single room,own bathroom.

Pets:1 Cat

Family at home : Husband.

Interests:Gardening,cooking,walking reading and theatre.

Business English and Aviation English, General English and English for the IELTS, FCE and CAE examinations


Rod – Homestay Business Tuition – Kent (London Suburb)

rod    Business Homestay Tutor in Kent

Location :Bromley

Accommodation:Double bedroom,own bathroom.


Family at home : Wife

Interests:Travel, reading ,music and cooking

Business English and  General English




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