Is it REALLY hard to learn English OVER THE AGE OF 40?

The FUTURE of Learning


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Okay let’s just take a step back a little and re-adjust the statement, in fact it doesn’t have to be hard to learn English over 40, but for many it is difficult, not just to learn English but actually to learn almost anything. Some people somehow, somewhere along the way in their 30s decided that that was it in terms of any kind of learning, and you need to just settle into to ‘oldness’ and discount any opportunity that comes your way. Sad but true, there are such people out there.

However the good news is that as the world gets further developed in so many ways, this principle is becoming less and less true. Thank goodness!

However, let’s get some reality checks here of why could be going on if you have the desire to keep learning a language but find it hard.

  1. Physiologically –…

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