Club Family English for you and your family

Do you want to have a holiday in South Africa or Corfu or United Kingdom and learn English at the same time?

Then join our Club Family Programme and choose from the following options:

  •  Lessons as a small group – all the family members
  •  Lessons just for kids
  •  Lessons just for adults.  Mama one day and Papa the next. 
  • Or solo lessons for one adult and the rest of the family join for lunch.

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What Club Family students can expect:

  • 15 hours per week of intensive English lessons
  •  1 full day excursion each week  with your tutor
  • All meals taken with your tutor and their family ( if applicable)
  • Full board accommodation with our friendly and helpful Host Tutors
  • 24 hr support from our local organiser



Just simply click “Contact” button in the right top corner and get in touch with us to find out more information!

We’re looking forward to hear from you soon!




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