More about our Homestay Courses

Our Homestay Tutors are GREAT!

The courses they formulate JUST FOR YOU are outstanding.

Not only are they bespoke packages but they are interesting to participate in.  Our tutors make sure they hold your interest from the start to the very end of your daily lessons.

Not only are our lessons a FULL 60 MINUTES but you will be given Homework to complete each evening just to make sure you fully understand the lessons of the day. Anything you are not clear about will be talked about the next day

Our Tutors are able to specialise in the following courses;


General English for Children

General English for Students ( 16 to 21 years )

General English for Adults

Conversational English

Exam Prep such as IELTS/ICAO Level 4/Cambridge First Certificate

Aviation English for ATC and Flight Deck Personnel

English with Special Interest ( such as Art;Drama;History)

Business English

Political English


if you tell us your requirements, be sure we will find the Tutor to match those needs





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